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Just Minecraft

nothing less, nothing more

Pufferfish's SMP Server is a vanilla Minecraft server (JAVA Edition). This means that you don't need to remember complex commands just to do simple things. It's also an AFK-friendly server since for some people building big things and standing next to them for hours is just the best thing in the world.

To make all of this possible the admin, Gyzie, writes his own datapacks and systems to manage the server. These are some very cool, actively developed, systems that you as a player can also benefit from.

Ultimately the goal of this server is to be a nice friendly place to hang around and have fun. Nice isn't it?


where we're going we don't need 'rules'

There is one rule on this server: Keep it fun for yourself and others. This means that you are expected to play in a way that does not affect any other players in a negative fashion. You will also obey the admin, moderator and support players. These players will interpret the rule, given above, on a given matter.

I know this is a bit vague so here are some guidelines that flow out of this rule:


they can't stop us all

The server is whitelisted to keep the flow of new players low. If you wish to join the server you must request access by sending an e-mail with your Minecraft username to info@gyzie.com and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Which is reasonably soon. Give it like half a day, tops.

"Somewhere in the future I will add a 'join'-button here."
- Gyzie, too damn long ago